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Proper planning is essential to provide your family with security and comfort during your life and at your death.  It allows your financial legacy to be preserved and the distribution of your assets as you chose.


Regardless of your stage in life or your net worth, certain documentation is a must. We call these the basics.

Last Will and Testament.

            Take control of the assets at death.  Make sure the people that are important to you are
             cared for.  Make provisions for any special needs your family may have.  Reduce the
             stress and burdens of your death on your family.  Avoid unnecessary taxation. Pour over
             assets to trust for the benefit of your spouse and minor children.

Health Care Proxy.       

            Plan for disability and incapacity.  A Health Care Proxy is an instrument that names 
            a trusted individual to make health care decisions on your behalf at any time you are incapable of
             making or communication those decisions yourself.

Power of Attorney.

            Like the health care proxy, the durable power of attorney is effective when you are
             incapacitated. The person you appoint as your agent may make financial decisions,
             gain access to and manage your finances when you are unable to do so.


A properly drafted trust can manage assets during your lifetime and distribute your assets upon death.  Assets in trust may avoid the time consuming and costly Probate process. Trust may also be used to avoid estate taxation, reduce exposure to liability, help qualify for long term care Medicaid benefits and meet just about any goal you may have.

No one individual or family is alike and as such, no one estate plan alike.  You and your family may have the need to plan for:

-Minor Children.
-Medicaid and Long Term Care Planning.
-Business Succession Planning.
-Special Needs trusts.
-Guardian and Conservatorship.
-Estate and Gift Tax Liability Planning.