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Mortgage Planning

In today’s lending environment, getting a mortgage to meet your new home purchasing or refinancing needs has become increasingly difficult, stressful and time consuming.  Let us help you cut through the clutter.

Attorney John Laine’s expertise in real estate law and mortgage loan origination will guide you through each step of the way, so you can make the informed financial decisions that best meet the needs of you and your family.

When getting ready to move forward, make the call to us your first step in the process.  In doing so, you will relieve yourself of stress, save time and save money.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much can I qualify for?

What are today’s interest rates?

Is a fixed or and Arm right for me?

What are closing costs and how much are they?

Can I reduce my closing costs?

Do I need mortgage insurance?

Mortgage broker or lender, who is right for me?

How is the lender or broker compensated?

What are escrows and pre-paids?